Changes in toll payment

Decree 196/2024 (VII. 8.) Korm. of the Government amending Decree 209/2013 (VI. 18.) Korm. of the Government on the implementation of Act LXVII of 2013 on distance-based tolls payable for the use of motorways, expressways and main roads was published in the Hungarian Official Journal.

Toll calculator: it can be used for buses over 3.5 t as well!

M2 and M3 vehicle types can be selected in the calculator for toll planning.

HU-GO pre-registration for buses over 3.5 tons available now

Buses with a maximum authorized total mass of over 3.5 tons may be properly registered as buses in the HU-GO electronic toll system. It is important to note that the data of previously registered buses must also be modified!

Buses over 3.5 t have still not been integrated into the e-toll system

Negotiations are continuing on the integration into the e-toll system of buses with a maximum authorised total mass of over 3.5 tons. As from 1 February 2024, buses will continue to be tolled for road use at a flat rate by purchasing an e-vignette, rather than in proportion to the distance travelled.

Registration of buses in the e-toll system

Pursuant to Act LXVII of 2013, buses and coaches classified as heavy-duty vehicles, i.e. whose maximum authorized total mass is more than 3.5 t will be charged on the basis of the distance travelled in the e-toll system from 1 February 2024.