HU-GO changes from 1 January 2024!

The HU-GO Hungarian electronic toll payment system will be undergoing significant transformation from 1 January 2024.

AUTO SECURIT Zrt. and Secret Control GPS Kft. are operating normally

GPSPlus Kft. not a toll declaration operator as of 3 December 2023

The individual data reporting agreement between GPSPlus Kft. and our company, National Toll Payment Services Plc., terminates on 2 December 2023. As of 3 December, the role of GPSPlus Kft. as a toll declaration operator ends, and as of this date, our company no longer accepts toll declaration-related data reporting through GPSPlus Kft.

Changes to the e-toll system from 1 October

Pursuant to Decree 209/2013 (VI. 18.) Korm. on distance-based tolls payable for the use of motorways, speedways and main roads, if the consumer price index for July in the year preceding the current year as published by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office increases relative to July of the current year, the toll rate will be adjusted at a rate corresponding to such increase, as of 1 October of the current year.

E-ets Hungária Kft. is not an Audited Toll Declaration Operator anymore

The individual contract related to supplying of data has been terminated between e-ets Hungária Kft. and our Company, National Toll Payment Services Plc. Herewith the function of e-ets Hungária Kft. as an Audited Toll Declaration Operator has also ended. Through e-ets Hungária Kft., our Company will no longer accept data related to toll declaration.