Who has the obligation to pay the toll?

Trucks and tractors (including tractor trucks) with a maximum total permissible weight over 3.5 tons, as well as vehicle trains composed of such vehicles and the towed trailer or semi-trailer. In the system three categories are distinguished based on the number of axles (J2, J3, J4). The number of axles can be also modified during road use under certain conditions.

Exemption from payment

According to Section 9 (1) of Act LXVII of 2013 payment and information obligation shall not be applicable to:

a) Hungarian Defence Force, National Secutiy Service, as well as law enforcement bodies specified in the act on national defence and the Hungarian Defence Force, as well as measures that can be taken in special law and order, with regard to the vehicles operated by the same,

b) foreign armed forces and international military headquarters staying in Hungary for the purpose of performing their service regarding their office and service vehicles, as well as other organisations regarding vehicles under exemption due to international convention, international treaty and reciprocity

c)[1] entities performing operational duties on sections of the toll road:

ca) vehicles operated by a concession company performing operational duties on concession public roads or business organisations commissined by the same for the performance of operational duties,

cb)   in case of national public roads not falling under the category specified in point cb), vehicles operated by the public road management used for the performance of road management commissioned by the minister responsible for the operation of the national road network and traffic (hereinafter referred to as: minister), and in the winter, in accordance with agreement made with the national public road management, the authorised representative of the national public road management, the vehicles used for road cleaning and maintenance,

d) the toll collector regarding the vehicles used for the same activity,

e) those entitled to use special distinguishing signals and sirens regarding vehicles with registration numbers issued in Hungary, irrespective of the fact whether they use the special signals or sirens on the toll road or not,

f)  the operators of vehicles used in the prevention or management of damanges caused by catastrophes specified in the act on catastrophe protection, as well as vehicles used by volunteer fire fighters, local government fire fighters as well as the members of volunteer or obligatory civil protection units, regarding the vehicles used during their practice, 

g) transportation authority with regard to the vehicles operated by the same and used for the performance of official duties,

h) vehicles under international treties, international agreements (NATO, Schengheni Treaty) and those under reciprocity,

i) operators of vehicles used for the transportation of humanitary aids, during the performance of such activities.

(2) During the period of road closures and traffic restrictions, the sections of toll roads specified as bypasses by the competent aurthorities can be used toll-free for the specified period of time.


[1] Established: Section 27 of Act CCXXVIII of 2013 Effective as of: 26th December 2013