What is an on-board unit?

An on-board unit is a GPS-based tracking device, which has been installed in the vehicles previously by logistic service providers, or which has been newly purchased by the user. The unit is suitable for tracking the route travelled by the vehicle, as well as for forwarding this information to the logistic service provider.

The on-board unit can be:

  • integratable (can be purchased at the selected service provider and can be installed with the help of professionals)
  • installable (can be installed by the user in 10 minutes into any kind of vehicle, can be operated from a 12 V socket/cigar-lighter).

If you frequently use the toll-road sections, reporting road use by an on-board unit is recommended. Among others, businesses which have a contract with the National Toll Payment Services PLC and which provide fleet management services (so-called report agents) offer on-board units.

If you already have an on-board unit,

take a look at the list of toll declaration operators or contact your fleet management service provider in person. If your fleet management service provider is a contracted partner of National Toll Payment Services PLC and thus is on the list, you can register your on-board unit in the system.

If you do not have an on-board unit or have contracted with a fleet management service provider that is not on the list,

you can purchase the on-board unit suitable for toll reporting at the designated points of sale and the fleet management service providers contracted with National Toll Payment Services PLC Those fleet management service providers can provide on-board units suitable for reporting who have signed a reporting partner contract with National Toll Payment Services PLC

Covering or blocking the on-board unit in any way qualifies as violation of the law, and it results in immediate sanctioning.