NTPS Plc. to Launch Business Intelligence Services

National Toll Payment Services Plc. is to launch Business Intelligence services on the market. The new business line has been designed to meet the constantly increasing scientific and business needs related to toll payment and road use. Gergely Kitta, Director for Strategic and Government Relations will be responsible for the development of this business line.

The volume of road passenger and freight transport is increasing both in Hungary and in the European Union, therefore, business and scientific data mining related to toll payment has recently become a market need at NTPS Plc. The company has plenty of data assets regarding transport and road use subject to toll payment, consisting of more than 1 billion registered events and 10 terabytes of analyzable data per year.

“The importance of big data analysis is gradually increasing worldwide. A state-owned company must manage the assets entrusted to it as a careful owner, and today such assets also include data assets, which must be developed and put to good use. Besides operations, we at NTPS Plc. place special emphasis on innovation, in which the reinforcement of the business intelligence capacity will play an important role”, said Tamás Bartal, Chief Executive Officer of NTPS Plc.

Gergely Kitta, Director for Strategic and Government Relations of NTPS Plc. added: “In the future, apart from fulfilling business orders, we also wish to make widely and freely available analyses that are of public and social interest and facilitate the career development of professionals involved in scientific activities and higher education students.”

According to plans, the business intelligence services of NTPS Plc. will be requested mainly by consultancy firms, carriers, logistics, transportation and energy companies. The fee to be paid by the customers requesting such service shall be limited to the costs of producing the technical materials in question.