How to buy authorisation if you want to use the Hungarian road network with a British country code

As of 28 September 2021, the official international vehicle registration code of the United Kingdom will change from GB to UK. Under the new rules, the number plates will not change, however, vehicles will have to use UK stickers instead of GB stickers.

The change does not affect the operation of the sales and control systems of National Toll Payment Services Plc. (NTPS Plc.).

Accordingly, after 28 September 2021, for vehicles of any UK country code, it will still be required to provide the GB country code when purchasing road use authorisation. Furthermore, the operation of the control system is also aligned with the above, meaning no one will be unduly disadvantaged when selecting the country code.

With any further questions, please contact the NTPS Plc. customer service staff at +36-36/587-500 (available 24/7 in Hungarian, every day from 8 am to 4 pm in English, and on business days from 8 am to 4 pm in German), via email for e-vignette matters at, for e-toll matters at or in person at our company's customer service offices.