Extended HU-GO registration interface

As part of the HU-GO system, National Toll Payment Services Plc. has launched a comprehensive programme for foreign and Hungarian customers alike, aimed at improving the registration and verification of the vehicles’ emission class.

The development will enable our customers in the HU-GO system to insert the data contained in the vehicle registration certificate of their heavy-duty vehicles and even upload the certificates to the database when registering to the system.

Users are not yet required to provide new types of information (make, production year, vehicle identification number, vehicle registration certificate), since our customers are still testing the new function of the HU-GO registration interface.

The verification of the vehicles’ emission class is required by the applicable Hungarian legislation in accordance with both the EU regulations and the current international practice. Through this development, NTPS Plc. will assist the authorities’ work, while also providing customers with an appropriate grace period and the possibility of preparing for meeting the new requirements. NTPS Plc. will continuously inform its customers of the process.

In accordance with the “polluter pays” principle, NTPS Plc. strives to reduce the environmental impact of heavy-duty vehicles in Hungary. This new feature is expected to contribute to the reduction of repeated fines deriving from mistakes committed when providing the emission class of vehicles. As a result of this improvement, the number of frauds concerning the vehicles’ emission class may fall, thus the road transport market may shift towards a fair competition and compliance. The development ultimately points towards a stricter control of foreign carriers, in line with the requirements of the sector’s stakeholders.