E-ets Hungária Kft. is not an Audited Toll Declaration Operator anymore

The individual contract related to supplying of data has been terminated between e-ets Hungária Kft. and our Company, National Toll Payment Services Plc. Herewith the function of e-ets Hungária Kft. as an Audited Toll Declaration Operator has also ended. Through e-ets Hungária Kft., our Company will no longer accept data related to toll declaration.

Our Company has deleted the connection between the On-Board Units and those vehicles which are using OBU devices operated by e-ets Hungária Kft.

We would like to draw your attention to the necessity of the arrangement of road use authorization, as failure to do so will result in unauthorized road use and fines. You can ensure the road use authorization for your vehicle by purchasing prepaid route ticket or you can make a contract with another Audited Toll Declaration Operator.


You can find the list of Audited Toll Declaration Operators which are in contract with our Company on the following link:


You can also purchase route ticket on our website www.hu-go.hu:



National Toll Payment Services Plc.