Changes in the HU-GO e-toll system

Several sections of Act LXVII of 2013 on Distance-Based Tolls Payable for the Use of Motorways, Speedways and Main Roads have been amended. The amendments will enter into force on two different dates.

The amendment entering into force on 13 June 2021 concerns one single definition.

Among others, the amendment of the Act – entering into force on 19 October 2021 – brings changes relating to road use authorisation and the possible methods of toll payment, and the issues of exemption from toll payment and toll declaration are also clarified. The Act is also supplemented by amendments required for legislative harmonisation with the European Union's applicable directive, and certain interpretative provisions are also clarified.

The text of Act LXVII of 2013 effective as from 13 June 2021 is available here, while the text thereof effective as from 19 October 2021 is available here.