Cases when the penalty is waived

The amendment to Act LXVII of 2013 on the travelled distance based toll payable for the use of motorways, carriageways and highways has entered into effect on 09.11.2014 If you have already purchased your route ticket but have been fined between 01.07.2013 and 31.03.2014 for any of the reasons below, you have the option of submitting a request to the National Toll Payment Services PLC to have your penalty waived:


a.)   The penalty of the Applicant will be waived if he/she failed to purchase his/her route ticket before using the unit tolled section but subsequently – following notice by the organization designated to conduct the toll control support tasks, of the unauthorized road use – it was purchased within max. eight hours, and the purchased authorization was not used at any other time. (Please find further information about the procedure under the Road use authorization purchased retrospectively menu item.)


b.)   The penalty was levied at a unit tolled section being part of a main route that has a joint intersection with the motorway, and the person subjected to the penalty payment had a valid authorization for the use of the unit tolled sections sharing the intersection and being part of the given motorway at the time of the unauthorized use.  (Please find further information about the procedure under the Having valid authorization for the use of the unit tolled sections sharing the intersection menu item.)


c.)   The penalty was levied – within the validity period of the route ticket, at a given control point max. one time per each direction – at a unit tolled section being part of a main route or the road leading to it that is functionally parallel with the road for which the concerned vehicle had road usage authorization at the time which had not been used for road use during its validity period. (Please find further information about the procedure under the Travelled on functionally parallel road menu item.)


It is important to note that the penalty can be waived only if one of the above cases exists and can be established without a doubt. In all other cases when intentional violation related to the evasion of the toll system or failure to pay toll occurred, the penalty must be paid without regard to the circumstances and reasons of the violation.


Submitting the application, required documents


The application must be submitted within 60 days after the law entered into effect (09.11.2014.), no later than 08.01.2015, by regular mail addressed to the National Toll Payment Services Plc. at P. O. Box 312, Gödöllő 2101 or in person at one of our customer service offices.




A separate application must be submitted for each penalty case. That means that if you were levied a penalty in five instances, then you must submit five separate applications and must pay the procedure fees for each case.


For faster procedures, we request that you use the appropriate application form document package we have prepared for each of the above three cases. The forms can be downloaded at the submenu items for each case on the left side, or in received in person at one of our customer service offices.


Please attach the following to you application in any one of the above three cases:

  • A copy of the penalty decision specified in the application or the binding decision; otherwise, we will not be able to accept your application and the procedure will not be started.
  • If available, a copy of the changed route ticket being the basis for the cancellation of your penalty.
  • A copy of the receipt of your payment of the service fee (HUF 12,000).


We request that you submit the following as applicable for each case:


  • With respect of the “Road use authorization purchased retrospectively” case, a Declaration included in a full probative private document to prove that the authorization was not used in another instance.
  • With respect of the “With valid authorization for the use of the unit tolled sections sharing the intersection” case, the toll amount difference for the actually used route as being different from that specified on your route ticket must also be paid. If you are able to plan your actually travelled route with certainty (for which you can find the necessary planning page here) and therefore decide to pay the toll amount difference thus calculated, you must attach a copy of the receipt proving payment of the toll amount difference and you must submit your declaration regarding your actually travelled route as described in the form. In addition to the above, please also attach a copy of the route plan specified on the web site for your actually travelled route subsequently.  If you are uncertain of or cannot recall your travelled route and therefore you are having difficulty planning your actually travelled route, then this toll difference can be replaced with the payment of a lump sum in the amount of HUF 10,000. If you cannot specify your actually travelled route for any reason and choose payment of the lump sum, you must attach the receipt proving your payment of the lump sum and must submit your declaration related to your actually travelled route in this case also, which we request that you specify as accurately as you are able.


Transferring the service fee and the toll amount difference


It is important that you must pay the service fee and the toll amount difference or the lump sum for each penalty instance, which must be transferred to two separate bank accounts:


  • Payment of the service fee (HUF 12,000):

(K&H Bank, IBAN: HU06-1040-2142-0002-7893-0000-0009)


  • Payment of the toll amount difference or the lump sum (HUF 10,000):

(K&H Bank, IBAN: HU77-1040-2142-0002-7894-0000-0008)


It is important that when you pay the service fee and the toll amount difference, you must specify in the payment details section the number of the penalty decision or the binding decision, in exactly the same format as it is in the decision. If different or erroneous data is included in the payment details section, this may complicate or render the identification of the payment impossible. If the identification of the payment is not possible, we must re-transfer the deposited amount and therefore the conditions prescribed in the relevant laws for the submission of the application are forfeited.


The bank transfer service charge and the currency exchange costs shall always be borne by the Applicant. If the transfer is made in a foreign currency, it is important that the full amount of the fines, converted to Hungarian forints, specified in the relevant statute be deposited to National Toll Payment Services Plc.’s bank account.


The amounts that we are unable to identify based on the data specified by the payer will be transferred back, with the transfer service charges deducted.


Additionally, in cases when the paid amount is different than the prescribed amount (e. g. not exactly HUF 12,000 for the service fee) or e. g. payment of the service fees or the toll amount differences/lump sums is made for more than one application in the same bank transfer, the amount having been deposited to our bank account minus the transfer service charge will be transferred back to the payer also.


In case of failure to make the legally prescribed payments or if we must transfer the amount back for any of the above reasons, the legally prescribed conditions of the submission of the application are forfeited.

You can find the toll calculator to calculate the toll amount difference at this link.


Pursuant to the relevant statute, we must issue an invoice within 15 days following receipt of payment; however, the invoicing data will only be available to us based on the submitted application. If the application in connection with the payment does is not registered in our system within the 15-day deadline and therefore the we are unable to issue the invoice, then we must re-transfer to the payer the amount deposited to our account. For this reason, we request that Applicant do not delay with the submission of their application after having made the payment but that, instead, they mail it to us as soon as possible or submit it in person at one of our customer service offices.


In case of payment by bank transfer, we send the invoice subsequently in the form of e-invoice to the email address specified in the application. If you pay the service fee at one of our customer service offices, you receive a paper-based invoice immediately.


The procedure

If the contents of the application comply with all of the conditions prescribed by the relevant laws and are not inconsistent with the data found in our e-toll system data base, then NTPS Plc. will issue a verification within 120 days from the receipt of the application, whereby the Applicant’s penalty payment can be waived. Our Company will send the verification to the email address specified in the application, therefore it is very important that you specify your email address correctly.

If the application is rejected, then we will send the written notification by regular mail to the Applicant.

NTPS Plc. will also send the verification or, if the application has been rejected, the written notification directly to the authority (Police) levying the penalty.

Procedures related to the refund of the paid penalty are conducted by the Police, therefore National Toll Payment Services Plc. cannot provide further information related to these cases.

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives before submitting your application, at our Call Center available 24/7 at +36-36-587-500 at local rate, or in person at one of our customer service offices, or by email sent to


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