Attention, carriers! A new service is available to avoid toll fines!

Thanks to a development made by the National Toll Payment Services Plc. (NTPS), an increasing number of toll declaration operators will be able to introduce convenience services for carriers.

These services include sending warnings on events related to toll payment, such as a defect in the on-board unit, a low balance or unauthorized road use, directly to the driver’s mobile phone. A prerequisite for the user is to assign a phone number to the vehicle on the HU-GO website. In the case of heavy duty vehicles with a maximum gross weight of over 3.5 tonnes, this Hungarian development significantly decreases the risk of being fined.

Since the launch of the e-toll system applicable to heavy goods vehicles, the NTPS Plc. has introduced a number of new services that help drivers of such vehicles to comply with their toll payment obligations as easily and accurately as possible.

One of these services is the Fine Alert function, through which, once it is activated, the NTPS sends a warning to the relevant user that they have not purchased authorization for the road they are using. At this point, by making certain steps, a higher amount of toll fine can still be avoided. Another instance for such new services is the low balance notification, which allows the road user to be informed that their toll payment account balance is running low. Furthermore, a driver can also get information about any defect or irregular operation of their on-board unit, which makes it possible to remedy the problem in time and not to get a fine running even into one hundred thousand Hungarian forints.

Due to a technical development, an increasing number of NTPS’s toll declaration operator partners are sending these important warnings directly to drivers’ mobile phones. “By making this technical development in our unique Hungarian e-toll system, we could realize yet another item on the list of preferred changes set up by organisations representing carriers’ interests. Their comments will be taken into account in the future as well when designing and implementing our convenience services, Chief Executive Officer of National Toll Payment Services Plc. Tamás Bartal said. Regarding toll payment, the NTPS Plc. considers its task is not to sanction but to encourage law-abiding behaviour and provide assistance to avoid fines, and broadens the scale of its customer-friendly services with this in mind.

Carriers can get more information about how the service, being built upon a completely new development, works and what the prerequisites are for its use, if they contact toll declaration operators.