Two-factor customer authentication begins on Monday

NTPS Plc. is one of the first companies in the public sector to comply with the EU regulation.

Starting Monday, the National Toll Payment Services Plc. implements two-factor customer authentication. NTPS Plc. is one of the first companies in the public sector to introduce this solution on its websites ( and hu-go.hufor e-vignette and e-toll bank card purchases.

The essence of two-factor customer authentication is that—in addition to the usual card data (name, card number, expiry date, CVC/CVV code)—customers must also insert the confirmation code sent by the bank to the phone number registered for the customer’s bank card supporting two-factor authentication. Customers will need this code to complete electronic payment transactions initiated on NTPS Plc.’s online platforms. It is important that customers use their mobile phone number registered by their bank. Otherwise, they will not receive the text messages containing the bank’s confirmation code and, thus, will not be able to make purchases. Therefore, customers are advised to consult their bank about their phone number and their bank card.

Taking only a few seconds, two-factor customer authentication is beneficial for everyone. It is good for bank card holders because this way no one can misuse their data, and fraudsters cannot cause them any loss. It is also good for service providers because it enables them to prevent suspicious financial transactions and any related customer complaints.

Pursuant to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2018/389, the Member States of the European Union are required to implement two-factor customer authentication for online transactions with bank cards as of 14 September 2019.